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Minimum Loans
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Dedicated to SME Financing

ASAP FINANCE is your dependable partner for small and medium-sized businesses. We offer fast approval and a variety of flexible finance solutions to help your business grow.  

We are dedicated to SME financing, offering short-term cash flow finance options that range from 1 to 3 months with minimum applications of K10,000. The interest rate depends on the credit term, ensuring a fair deal.



Information Required

We require following information: We require 2 (Two) of the any of the following ID’s :
– National ID (NID)
– Driver’s License
– Passport

  • Cover letter outlining loan amount requested, term of loan, Repayment schedule and sources of all business and/ or other income.
  • Copies of current and relevant contracts and invoices
  • Bank statements showing proof of business trading activities


Fast Approval | Short Term Finance | Repeat Clients

What you need

The company values repeat business, so we offer instant approval and processing for regular clients, prioritizing those who have borrowed with us before.  

To apply for credit, a valid IPA record check/verification and 2x Director ID are required as per bank requirements. A credit/loan agreement must also be signed for either a one-off credit or a revolving credit facility.

ASAP FINANCE is dedicated to providing clients with top-quality service, ensuring that their businesses continue to grow.